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Looking for a solution to your water damaged home?

Our Home Remodeling Contractors in New Orleans, LA can help!

Water damage from natural disasters to your home can be devastating. Having to replace flooring and drywall can be very costly but crucial in saving the value of your home. Crawfish Construction, LLC is here to help and offers the best solution at an affordable price. The solution that our home remodeling contractors at Crawfish Construction, LLC will offer you is to repair your home's wall system from the inside. It is the most cost-effective strategy and has been used in helping repair damaged homes from Hurricane Sandy and Hurricane Katrina.

Crawfish Construction, LLC will ensure the quality of our work by using closed cell spray foam, a material approved by FEMA flood damage material requirements. We use materials specifically designed to survive wet and dry climates to protect from harmful pollutants.

This technique will help prevent damage and save you money from future repairs to your home. Our primary concern is the safety of our customers. Avoid safety hazards by hiring an expert today to ensure that your home or business in New Orleans, LA is safe.

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